Hidden Currencies is constantly looking to work with local artists, and collaborate with larger institutions. We would love to hear from you in person, and invite you to email us at info@hiddencurrencies.com


We are Accepting Submissions for:


Hécatombe is an open submission magazine, mediated by a group of blind judges. For hécatombe’s first edition we are examining the implications of discomfort and it’s potential to inspire growth, regression, fear, and hope. Discomfort can reflect a projected incongruence of identity, fueled by the pressures of society and self. This discomfort can be at the epicenter of our dissonance from society: we now face the question if it is the individual or the society which should be made to feel uncomfortable. If so, what is the utility of discomfort for each party?

In approaching this topic and examining your work please consider:

How discomfort helps you?

How do people benefit from each other’s discomfort?

Who do you want to see uncomfortable?

Where do you want to be uncomfortable?

We are accepting submissions from any medium which explore this theme to be printed in our first edition, including but not limited to: writing, painting, sculpture, photography, installations, games, data sets, experiments, multimedia, etc. This is limited to media which can be printed within our pages. For video and music submissions we have the capability to include a QR Code.

An email sent to info@hiddencurrencies.com with:

For Visual Artist: Up to 5 images with the longest edge being 1000p (jpg.)
Artist Statement (300 words)

For Writers: Word doc or Google Doc link (max 2000 words)

Author Bio (300 words)

Link to your website or portfolio (optional)
$5 entry fee to be paid over paypal to info@hiddencurrencies.com


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