Hidden Currencies is an interdisciplinary collective consisting of artists, musicians, dancers, sculptors and scientists. It was founded in May of 2017.

The reason for the inception of the organization was three fold:

  • An interdisciplinary creative community can prompt artists to explore new dimensions of their art through critiques, demonstrations, and workshops. Artists of different mediums give valuable feedback that will stem from their various backgrounds.
  • In the midst of a climate that commoditizes art and music, it is important to create a network of individuals who can hold each other accountable to their ethical standards of making art. This community will facilitate growth outside of what could be attained independently.
  • To work with local communities to establish a connecting point for the next generation to engage with art in a variety of mediums.


If you would like to reach out to us, please feel free to contact info@hiddencurrencies.com.


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